Hello, I’m Daniel Irvine 👋

I’m a software consultant and embedded coach for software developers. I write and deliver high-value software, and I help dev teams improve their working processes.

With over 15 years’ professional experience in software development, I have successfully built applications for businesses ranging from first-year startups to century-old enterprises. As a team lead, I have led greenfield development projects, architectural transitions and legacy codebase renewals.

I specialise in test-driven development, refactoring and modern software design. I take pride in finding simple, elegant solutions to technical problems.

Writing great code is only half the job. The other half is being a great human being. As an embedded coach my work is often to show developers how to be satisfied at work, how to navigate interpersonal issues, and how to avoid anxiety and burn out.

Interested in working with me? Please send me an email.