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  1. Online me vs offline me

    Jun 30, 2020career teams
    There鈥檚 a disconnect between the version of me that I present online on blogs and the version of me that actually exists in the real world.
  2. Yet another reason to prefer unit tests 馃槆

    Mar 3, 2020javascript react tdd
    Have you ever gotten so frustrated when writing a unit test that you gave up and wrote an end-to-end test instead?
  3. Are you any good at TDD?

    Feb 16, 2020tdd
    So you practice TDD. But how do you measure your skills?
  4. Achieving 100% code coverage will make you a better developer. Seriously.

    Feb 11, 2020javascript tdd
    You鈥檙e happy to learn new languages frameworks, so why are not happy to learn testing techniques that will help you for the rest of your career?
  5. Do you aim for 80% code coverage? Let me guess which 80% you choose...

    Feb 10, 2020javascript tdd
    The only 鈥渟weet spot鈥 for code coverage is 100%. Here鈥檚 one reason why.
  6. Whatever happened to the test pyramid?

    Feb 6, 2020javascript tdd
    The humble unit test has taken a beating in recent times. What did it ever do wrong?
  7. Do devs really need to test?

    Jan 29, 2020testing career
    There鈥檚 one big reason why you wouldn鈥檛 want to test
  8. How to convince devs to do more testing

    Jan 24, 2020career tdd
    Why do developers not write more tests? This blog post looks at some reasons why.
  9. Beyond TDD: breaking the rules

    Jan 23, 2020career tdd
    Rules are made to be broken, right? TDD is a strict set of rules that define a process for building software. But experienced practitioners have moved beyond the rules and work towards something else entirely.
  10. Get your words right!

    Jan 22, 2020career javascript
    When you鈥檙e in any position of authority, you鈥檝e got to be extremely careful with the words you put out. Here鈥檚 why.
  11. Become a mature developer, not a senior developer

    Jan 20, 2020career personal-growth
    Junior/senior is a terrible way to judge a developer. This post is a reminder that we should be talking about 鈥渕ature鈥 developers instead
  12. Clean code, dirty code, human code

    Jan 19, 2020javascript career
    Let鈥檚 stop judging each other鈥檚 code. Instead, let鈥檚 work together to make our codebases better.
  13. A generalist is born when a specialist becomes bored

    Sep 15, 2019career javascript personal-growth
    I鈥檓 a full-stack developer, which means I鈥檓 a generalist. I believe that generalism in software development is a good thing.
  14. Revisiting your code: a simple technique for writing better software

    Aug 31, 2019career refactoring
    Want to write the better code? Here鈥檚 a simple technique that programmers of all levels can apply.
  15. 4 tips for mentoring developers

    Oct 1, 2017career mentoring leadership personal-growth
    Simple ideas that will improve your mentoring
  16. How to mentor developers

    Sep 18, 2017mentoring teams career
    Mentoring is a great technique for accelerated learning, but it鈥檚 underused within the industry.
  17. Are personality tests useful for developers?

    Sep 2, 2017teams career

    As a software developer my job is writing code. But knowing how to write code isn鈥檛 the only skill software developers need. We also need to have great teamwork skills, otherwise projects are doomed to fail.

  18. Code is better when we write it together

    Nov 28, 2016pair-programming ensemble-programming code-reviews teams
    In my last post I discussed the effectiveness of code reviews. Or rather, how they can often be ineffective.
  19. The problematic pull request

    Nov 18, 2016code-reviews pair-programming
    Code reviews are a wonderful thing. Multiple pairs of eyes make for higher quality code. Reviews help spot errors and also serve as a teaching tool.
  20. Perfect code is an illusion

    Nov 11, 2016code-reviews career
    Much of our programmer culture is built on the ideal of perfect code: code which not only works, but is also clean and elegant.
  21. The egoless programmer

    Sep 30, 2016career teams pair-programming
    If you want to be successful at writing code, then you鈥檇 best keep your ego out of it. That鈥檚 the essence of egoless programming, a concept first written about by the legendary author Gerald M. Weinberg.